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Corey Kristoff’s Classic Mountain Hunts

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Your Outfitter and Guide, Corey Kristoff

    Like most hunters Corey started hunting at a young age and his passion for such things have brought him here today. Corey started his outfitting career  16 years ago in the same area he guides today. He believes in carrying on the traditions of those who first outfitted here more than a hundred years ago and blazed trails on trade routes though the mountain passes of Alberta. Corey has kept his business small by choice to ensure high quality hunting experiences.

               “I would like to say that Corey Kristoff is one of the hardest working guides I have experienced.He works so hard to cater the hunt to the hunter and the game being pursued. He really puts forth the effort to make sure his clients have a rewarding and enjoyable experience!!”                  Tom Whitson,  Tennessee

 Corey will tailor each hunt to   fulfill your dream. All hunts are   subject to availability. So book  early to get the exact opportunity  you are looking for.

Check out the hunts Corey offers

 You will want your hunting experience to be one you will never forget. Find out exactly what to expect from the time you arrive

> > Corey and Pam:

> > Below is testimonial that if you want to can use on your web site. Also I want you to know and remember that if you ever have a hunt that you can't fill for whatever reason call me I would love to come back. I know

> > that Jim would come back also he's hook on wolves.

> > Many thanks to Corey and family for running an excellent camp with great food and accommodations not to mention fulfilling all my expectations of taking a trophy bull moose. I've stayed in my share of tents in cold weather but your cabins were a blessing to the end of a hard day of hunting. Even though we missed the rut, my hunting partner and myself took great bull moose on day 5 and 6 with my partner getting two wolves as a bonus. I hope to make a return trip back to Alberta with Classic Mountain Hunts because of the great time that I had. Great memories that will last a lifetime. Darryl Parde Nebraska


  Before you arrive in Canada there are a few things that you will need to know

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Enjoy the Timeless Tradition of Hunting the Alberta Rockies